What clients are saying:
I am choosing to defer fees because it maximizes after-tax income, and offers a way out of a dependency cycle with lenders who either charge too much or don't understand the economics of our business.  I like the Optcapital program because it seems extremely flexible, giving us many options as to how to invest our funds and when to schedule fee payments.  There is also a lot of flexibility in structuring the deferred compensation plans which make them easy to use to motivate and retain key talent.  I also find the whole group to be smart and easy to work with. I get good advice from experienced tax attorneys who understand what my goals are and offer well-thought-out solutions."
― James Scott Farrin
"I don’t want another day to disappear without telling each of you how much I appreciate all of the attention and courtesy each of you extend to me all of the time whatever the occasion.  You are so very friendly, professional, accommodating, kind and thoughtful.  Opt should prosper because of each of you and because the company renders such an important service and product."
― Judge Norm Murdock

"As I said yesterday, I am so thrilled and pleased with the follow through of Client Services in your organization.  Indeed it is a pleasure doing business with you."
― Tom Steenberg