A CaR® Trust is a pre-tax, tax-deferred investment account. It is like a 401(k) account, but with important differences. Like a 401(k) account, you contribute your fees pre-tax to your CaR® Trust. You invest the CaR® Trust in the investments of your choosing.

The CaR® Trust offers greater investment flexibility and diversification than most 401(k) accounts. You can invest in most any security, from stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed income, and hedge funds to private equity. You can leverage your investments as well. You can change your investments as frequently as the liquidity of the investment permits.

You or your investment adviser can execute most any strategy:


  • Market cap
  • Investment style
  • Global/regional/single country
  • Developed/emerging
  • Sector
  • Quantitative
  • Directional long/short

Fixed Income & Money Market

  • Active balanced
  • Risk parity (risk premia capture)
  • Target maturity
  • Target risk
  • Traditional balanced

Diversified Vehicles

  • Mutual funds (open/closed end, on/offshore)
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Unit investment trusts (UITs)
  • Private placements


  • Cash management
  • Duration
  • Sector
  • Investment grade/high yield
  • Global/regional
  • Developed/emerging


  • Absolute return -- market neutral/multistrategy
  • Managed futures
  • Private equity
  • Capital protection
  • Commodities
  • Financial structures
    • Bank loans
    • Credit arbitrage
    • Opportunistic
  • Real estate
    • Public real estate securities
    • Private direct
    • US, Asian, European, global

Investment Returns

Relative Strategy

Asset Class Average Return
(2003 -2012)
Real Estate 14.6%
Mid Caps 13.4%
Small Caps 11.9%
Large-Cap Growth 9.6%
Large-Cap Value 9.2%
Corporate Bonds 6.5%
Govt. Bond 4.7%
60/40 Stock/Bond Portfolio 7.4%
Absolute Strategy

Asset Class Average Return
(2003 -2012)
Long-Short Equity 7.0%
Arbitrage-Event Driven 7.7%
Global Macro 8.7%