SSAE No. 16


Deferred and incentive compensation are flexible tools that can help achieve a variety of business purposes. We engage in a process of first helping our clients identify and articulate their objectives. Then we apply our deep knowledge of the law and technology to design a solution that achieves the objectives in the most direct and efficient way.

We are adept at creating new and better deferred and incentive compensation. We pioneered the discounted mutual fund option plan, the optimized 409A plan, the fair market value option plan for hedge fund and private equity managers, and the investment trust for contingency fee law firms and their partners.
"Beauty is power and elegance, right action, form fitting function, intelligence, and reasonability. And very often expressed in curves."
― Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson
"Attributed to a person elegance suggests the effortless display of sophistication. We also talk about an elegant solution to a complex problem. In fact only if the problem is complex and difficult does the solution deserve the attribute "elegant". While simplistic solutions are pseudo-solutions, the elegant solution is marked by an economy of means by which it conquers complexity and resolves (unnecessary) complications."
Arguing for Elegance, Patrik Schumacher,
Elegance AD (January/February 2007)