Rick Ehrhart, JD and Bob Avinger, PhD founded Optcapital in 1998. We started in a joint venture with Wachovia Bank to provide a new and better type of deferred compensation to Fortune 1000 executives. We continued to innovate, and re-directed our focus to contingency fee law firms and hedge funds. Today, we administer more than $1.5 billion of deferred and incentive compensation.

Optcapital’s mission is to provide elegant complete solutions. Our hallmark has been innovations that offer superior investment control, liquidity and flexibility with respect to the timing of benefits. Participants have 24/7 online access to their accounts. They can also call for help from one of our experienced staff.
Over the years our clientele has expanded from public corporations to law firms, investment fund managers, and their partners. But our mission remains the same – provide optimal, complete and practical deferred and incentive compensation solutions.