Our employees are our greatest asset. Because our work is multi-disciplinary, we need experts in law, accounting, information technology and client service. We seek people who are not only experts in their area, but who also display high moral character. Every employee, whatever the role, is expected to do what it takes to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Equally important is ensuring that we have people who believe in our mission, are passionate about their work and are willing to play the role the firm needs them to play. In addition to paying competitive current compensation and benefits, we award key producers with stock in the company. The stock is a long term incentive that serves to align employees with the long term interests of our clients.

Our staff is experienced and diverse. The average tenure of our employees is more than 5 years. We seek to hire the best, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. We value diversity and our workforce reflects these values.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Our diverse workforce lends creativity and new perspectives to our work. For us, diversity is a by product of respecting and embracing differences, and finding the best people for the job.