Alignment, teamwork and a commitment to do one's best and improve continuously have been keys to providing our clients with a highly satisfying deferred and incentive compensation experience.

We believe our clients are best served when each team member feels a moral obligation to each other to do his or her best. Our leadership builds this sense of duty through compensation incentives and transparency – we treat each member as a stakeholder and communicate frequently and openly about our common purpose and our collective performance (the "score").

Kaizen is a commitment to a process of continuous improvement. Every team member subscribes to the following principles, which our leadership reinforces by example and through regular performance reviews:

  • Discard conventional ideas
  • Think of how to do it, not why it cannot be done
  • Do not make excuses, but question current practices
  • Do not seek perfection, but do it right away even if only for 50% of the target
  • If you make a mistake, correct it immediately
  • Do not spend money for Kaizen, use your wisdom
  • Wisdom emerges in the face of adversity
  • To see the root cause of all your problems, ask "Why" five times
  • Seek the wisdom of ten people rather than the knowledge of one
  • Do your best to do it right the first time to avoid rework