Law firms and their partners can now invest their fees pre-tax, tax-deferred in the investments of their choosing. The Cascade Rights (CaR®) Trust is distinctive in that each participant has a separate trust account domiciled in the United States and trusteed by a U.S. bank.

Fees contributed grow pre-tax, tax-deferred until withdrawn. The CaR® Trust is also distinctive in providing control over the timing of withdrawal and taxation of funds.

By contributing fees to a CaR® Trust, a law firm gains three major financial advantages:

Which Fees Can Be Invested in CaR® Trust?

Generally, fees may be invested pre-tax, tax-deferred if the client is tax indifferent. A client is tax indifferent if the client does not benefit from deducting attorneys' fees. So a client is tax indifferent when recoveries are not taxable income, such as recoveries for personal injury. Clients are also tax indifferent when attorneys' fees are not includible in the client's income, such as in class action cases, court-ordered fees, certain statutory fees and certain fees that are excludible from the plaintiff's income by statute.

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